Steve Sprecher

PhD Student

Computer Science

Northeastern University

I am currently a second year PhD student working with Engin Kirda I got my MS and BS in Computer Science from the University of Michigan where I researched censorship, ransomware, and network measurement with J. Alex Halderman and Roya Ensafi. Also at Michigan, I got the opportunity to teach the introductory computer security course for a total of three years, two of which as the head graduate student instructor.

My research interests include, but are not limited to: censorship measurement and circumvention, network measurement, network and web security, usable security, and privacy.

Select Publications

T-Reqs: HTTP Request Smuggling with Differential Fuzzing
Bahruz Jabiyev, Steven Sprecher, Kaan Onarlioglu, Engin Kirda
In Proceedings of the 28th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security
(CCS'21), November 2021

Decentralized Control: A Case Study of Russia
Reethika Ramesh, Ram Sundara Raman, Matthew Bernhard, Victor Ongkowijaya, Leonid Evdokimov, Anne Edmundson, Steven Sprecher, Muhammad Ikram, Roya Ensafi
In Proceedings of the 27th Network and Distributed Systems Symposium
(NDSS'20), February 2020

Beyond Acceptable Advertisement: Better Understanding Blocking Extensions
Benjamin VanderSloot, Steven Sprecher, J. Alex Halderman
In Technical Report
(Technical Report), December 2019